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newJump Jet Booster 1.41 is released! 1/10/2020
projectTrampoline Man is returning, with 3D portrait design
projectSpace Defence is on the desk again , this time single handed dogfight is on the way.

Roll Rush

A post apocalyptic shopping madness!

Roll Rush

Roll Rush is a hold-drag mechanic hypercasual game. Objective is to pickup as much toilette paper pack while avoiding the obstacles and racing your opponents for the lead as the one in front has a greater chance to pick them up. Every level has a minimum number of toilette paper packs to pickup to complete. As the game progress the market changes and the track extends . First beta is already released. Test results are promissing, and developers are working on retention rates.

Please apply for new beta team by sending us an e-mail to : New comers also will be rewarded with premium access on release.

Previous release is available at :