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newJump Jet Booster 1.41 is released! 1/10/2020
projectTrampoline Man is returning, with 3D portrait design
projectSpace Defence is on the desk again , this time single handed dogfight is on the way.

Knights Of The Kingdom

Run to right. Kill dinosaurs. And collect coins. with a sword! Shooting flameballs!

Knights Of The Kingdom

Knights of the kingdom is an side scrolling endless runner game. Kill as many dinosaurs as possible, collect coins, buy shields, magnets and weapons. Then kill some more dinosaurs.

You now get:

-easy gameplay and clear layout
-zombie dinosaurs
-compelling zombie dinosaur ai
-flying crawling running biting action.
-short gaming sessions. Play anytime you like.
-addictive gameplay.

did we say robot zombie skeleton dinosaurs? aw yiis!