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newJump Jet Booster 1.41 is released! 1/10/2020
projectTrampoline Man is returning, with 3D portrait design
projectSpace Defence is on the desk again , this time single handed dogfight is on the way.

Jump Jet Booster

Can you Jump? Can you fly ?

Jump Jet Booster

Jump Jet Booster is our latest hyper casual game design released very recently. Designed as an "Endless Runner" platform model based on a single tap jump mechanic with hold bullet-time. Player challenges to go as far as (s)he can with the limited resource of fuel. Player is able to pickup different types of collectables supplying extra resources such as fuel, game money and instant boost in the game.

Game cycle is based on collecting as much in-game money as possible by flying futher as possible , breaking self records and picking up money collectables. In-game money can be used for upgrades which will provide extra fuel tank capacity, boost strenght, kick start power and collectable multiplier.

Also several different type of achivement presents included charge free as player progress , such as new maps , boost skins and booster ship skins

Version 1.41 Update
- Menu Simplified
- Sound&Music quality improvement
- Air Friction fixed
- Finish line graphic improvements.
- Ingame UI effects added
- Menu Windows tween fixed