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newJump Jet Booster 1.41 is released! 1/10/2020
projectTrampoline Man is returning, with 3D portrait design
projectSpace Defence is on the desk again , this time single handed dogfight is on the way.

Gluttony Frog

"Frog wants to eats , filthy bugs, frog eats them all!"

Gluttony Frog

Filthy bugs! You got to eat them all for sure. Gluttony frog is a tap and hold mechanic hypercasual game. Objective is to pickup as much bugs as fast as possible to progress to futher levels. The player gains experience, and XP levels with this experince points being rewarded special abilities and cosmetic effects during this progress. Glutony Frog was an ordered project by a publisher. But the publisher changed its mind on the way, which is very common in game market.

Engineered Illusions did not abandone the project as the alpha tests are already started. Release date is postponed to an unknown schedule and the project is taken on hold and taken back to design stage which means it will be taken to development stage back soon.

While the frog design is being improved, designers are still working on the environment while the mechanic and game cycle is being preserved. Engineered Illusions are still expecting applications to alpha test team from the users.

Please apply for new beta team by sending us an e-mail to : New comers also will be rewarded with premium access on release.